The 2017 Press Women of Texas Communications Contest Call for Entries

To:  Press Women of Texas  Members and All Professional Communicators in Texas

From:  Kay Casey, Texas Communications Contest Director

Re:   2017 PWT  Communications Contest Call for Entries


Greetings Texas Communicators!

The 2017 Press Women of Texas Communications Contest is now open for entries!

You will find complete information for entering the all-electronic 2017 competition on the Communications Contest pages of the PWT website,,  or on the NFPW website at,   and within the pages of the electronic contest itself.


DEADLINES: You may submit all entries at one time or at various times from now until the contest ends. There are two electronic contest / postmark deadline dates to consider.

  • Tuesday, January 17, 2017: Early Bird discount period ends.

After January 17, $25 will be added to the cost of the first entry only, whether an entrant submits one entry or many.

  • Monday, February 6, 2017: All other entries.

NOTE: hard-copy entries may be submitted in categories 56A–59F & 64 ONLY.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone who is a member of Press Women of Texas or who is a professional communicator and either lives or works in Texas is eligible to enter.

Work published from January 1 through December 31, 2016, is eligible for this year's contest. Anyone who receives a first-place award in the PWT statewide contest will be eligible to enter the NFPW National Communications Contest, providing 2017 NFPW membership dues have been paid.




    Members: $12.00 for each entry.

    Non-members: $15.00 for each entry.

Note: If you are not a PWT member but would like to be and pay at the member rate, you may join  by sending this information:  Name, address, phone, email, and employer/job title and annual dues to Kay Casey, Treasurer, P O Box 173, Denison, TX 75021

PWT dues are Professional $14.00, Student $7.00 or Retired $7.00 a year.

 ENTER THE CONTEST:  Click either of the blue links below for other details about the contest, including:   

· Contest Categories and descriptors

· Entry prep tips

· Awards

Go to the PWT website for contest info and a link to the 2017 Communications Contest.

You also may access the 2017 PWT competition through the Contest Page of the NFPW website:

 NFPW website – info and a link to the 2017 Communications Contest

 Should this message not be handy when you want to upload your work, just go to and click on Competitions. The first link on the Competitions page – NFPW Communications Contest – will take you to the information about the professional contest as well as to a link to the electronic contest.


You are welcome to pass this information and the links along to communications friends and colleagues.


Here are a few tips to give you a running start once you are on the contest Welcome (login) page;


  • READ THE DIRECTIONS to orient yourself, then click the REGISTER link in the upper right corner of the contest site. Enter your email address and click SUBMIT to get the Entrant Form.   

  • Entrant Form (about YOU, not the entry): Enter your email address and click SUBMIT. Note that if you entered the contest last year and you submit the SAME email address you used then, your entrant form should appear with all of the information you provided for the 2016 contest. If any of that information has changed, or if you want the 2017 contest based on a different email address, simply update the email address and any other fields needing new information.

  • To put yourself into the contest, click Member or Non-member (If you’re not sure, please write to me at and ask; this choice, once clicked on the entry form, cannot be changed.

  • If you are not a member but would like to enter at the member rate, please pay dues to join as directed above, and then proceed.

  • Choose Texas from the  dropdown list of affiliates.

  • Finish filling out or making changes to the Entrant Form.

  • At the end of the form, enter a username and password. Write them down. Keep them simple and know that the username and password a) are case sensitive; b) can be the same username and password you used last year; c) can be identical: you could use your initials or something easy to remember; and d) you can retrieve them through the contest system (or me) if you forget them.

  • Check that you agree to the rules (there is a link to the rules beside the checkbox you may click to read them first).

  • SAVE the Entrant Form (click SAVE button at top or bottom of page).

NAVIGATING THE CONTEST SITE : Anytime you enter the site to submit an entry or to review work you already have entered, type in the username and password, and from the navigation bar that is always visible at the top of the contest page, choose one of the following:

  • ADD ENTRY to get the electronic Entry Form. Read the directions (in red) at the top of the ENTRY FORM (this form is about a specific entry). You will click Add Entry to get a new auto-filled form for each entry. You will see      5 tabs along the top of the form. You MUST click each tab (except for Hard-copy Entries, unless you will be entering a book in hard-copy format) to complete the entry process. Click Add Entry to get a new entry form for each separate entry.

  • VIEW/EDIT ENTRIES to see what you have entered, or to make changes to any of your entries (click the title of the entry to go directly to the Entry Form for that entry, and later on to submit the completed entry. Entries are not official until they have been submitted and paid for.

  • PAY NOW to pay for your entries. If you will be entering work into the contest over time, you do not need to pay until you have submitted all of your entries. To avoid the $25 add-on fee, be sure to submit and pay for all entries by January 17. You may pay by credit card or by check (instructions as to where to send the check are on the Pay Now page).  

GET HELP to find answers to questions or get help in entering the contest. Click the FAQ or Contact Us tabs on the contest navigation bar. Also, you may contact me at

I have attached “Steps for Easy Entry into the NFPW Affiliate Communications Contest,” a simple list that you can download, print on a single page, and keep on hand for ready reference.

Good luck and have fun entering the 2017 PWT Communications Contest. 



Kay Casey, PWT Contest Director
P O Box 173
Denison, TX 75021

Steps for Easy Entry into the NFPW Affiliate Communications Contest  

NOTE: All information about entering the NFPW affiliate contest is contained within the NFPW contest site. The LOGIN (Welcome) page and the HOME page you can access once you create a username and password are step-by-step guides to ensure you can successfully register, enter, pay for, and submit your entries. There are steps to follow about submitting and paying for entries on the Entry Form and PAY NOW pages also. 

1. Click the contest link on the NFPW website to access the LOGIN (Welcome) page of the contest.   

2. Read all information on the Welcome page BEFORE beginning the registration/entry process. Read the instructions on each page and click SAVE before leaving any page. An onscreen prompt appears if you try to leave a page where information will be lost if you don’t SAVE or haven’t filled out a required field. 

3. Click the purple REGISTER link (top right corner of the page), enter your email address, click SUBMIT. 

4. Fill out the Entrant Form that will appear on your screen. Selection of membership status and state affiliate name will put you into the correct contest. 

5. At the end of the Entrant Form, create a Username and Password. Keep them simple (your initials, for example). They can be identical. Write the info down so that you will be able to access the contest at a later time to finish the entry process or to submit more entries.  

6. Enter your work: Click ADD ENTRY on the navigation bar to get the 5-Tab Entry Form with all of your contact information already filled in. Follow the steps listed in red at the top of the Entry Form page.  

7. Once you enter the title, choose the division, then the category, and click SAVE, you will see the unique entry ID number, the title of the entry, and the Category name above the five tabs. You must click each of the other tabs (except Hard-copy Entries: use only if you enter entire books in hard copy format).  

8. TIP for easy entry: Before uploading your entries if you have more than one or two, create a 2017 CONTEST folder on your hard drive. Find all files needed for each category you plan to enter and save each to the new folder. After uploading the first file from the CONTEST folder, you will get that folder each time you click the Browse button during that entry session.  Submit your entries through the Uploads tab (read directions on the tab). There are 2 types of entry fields.  a. Upload: click Browse, find your CONTEST folder, upload files for that entry from the folder.  b. URL: type or paste URLs into these fields (one URL to a field). SAVE (do NOT press Enter). 

9. Click ADD ENTRY to get a new Entry Form for each new entry. 

10. Click VIEW/EDIT ENTRIES at any time to see, to review, to make changes to, or to “submit” any of your entries. Click the title of entry you wish to examine and you will be back on the Entry Form page and can make any needed changes. With your username and password you can reenter the contest at any time until the deadline to check over your entries, add more entries, make payment, and submit.  

11. When you finish entering your work for the time being but will be submitting other work, log out and return later using your username and password. To add another entry, click ADD ENTRY. Or to check on work already entered, go to VIEW/EDIT ENTRIES and click the title of the entry you wish to review. 

12. When you have finished entering all work, go to VIEW/EDIT ENTRIES & PAY to “submit” it.  a. Pay: to pay by credit card, click Pay Online; to pay by check, click Pay Offline (make check out to NFPW; send to the NFPW address listed at the end of the Pay Offline information).  b. Submit: When you have entered your work and have made payment, you should see Completed in the Status column. If the Status column says Incomplete instead, click it to get the “Requirements not met” message; click the requirements shown and enter missing information. Return to VIEW/EDIT ENTRIES & PAY, and you should see Completed in the Status column. Click the SUBMIT button that will appear to the right. When you see Accepted in the Status column, your entry is “official” and will be sent along for judging when that phase of the contest begins. Entries are not official until they have been paid for and Accepted. Note: Once they are Accepted, entries no longer can be changed, so be sure to check them over carefully before submitting. 

13. Go to CONTACT US if you have a question or run into a problem. 

See Guidelines and Category Descriptions at

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