For Work Published in 2014

It’s time to find your best work from 2014 to enter in the annual 2015 Press Women of Texas Communications Contest  - See Professional Communications Contest

Texas Entry Fees:  Members - $10 per entry, Students - $5 per entry, and All Non-Members - $15 per entry.  Multiple entries in a category/sub-category are permitted.

PWT Deadlines

February 2, 2015, is the postmark deadline for: Hard copies of Books and Creative Writing Categories.

February 9, 2015, is the deadline for all other entries. The online entry site will close and no late entries will be accepted.

High School Contest Opens

Get all the information about the Edith Fox King High School Journalism Contest hosted by Press Women of Texas here: Edith Fox King High School Journalism Contest

Texas boasts national award winners for 2014 and plans for a repeat for 2015.  Contact director Kathie Magers, for online and hard-copy entry questions.

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    Tips, Hints and Help for Contest Entrants

    TIP: Before submitting your entries if you have more than one or two, create a 2015 CONTEST folder on your hard drive. Find all files needed for each category you plan to enter; rename them by putting category number/letter and name at the beginning of the filename (e.g.  03 NEWS Near-record year for rainfall.docx; 10 REVIEW The Wolf of Wall Street.pdf). Save each to the new folder. After uploading the first file from the CONTEST folder, you will get that folder each time you click the Browse button during the entry process. 


    TIP:  Be sure to click on “save” each time you enter information or visit your entry. 

    TIP:  Do not select “Submit” until you are sure you are finished with the entry.  You must select “Submit” by the deadline date.

    You may change, add, edit and remove anything you have entered before you select “Submit”, but once you make that selection you may not change the entry.


    PWT Contest Invites Book Entries

    I write books. How will I enter the contest?

    Authors who have a PDF of their books may simply upload the PDF.

    If a book is available in hard-copy format only:

    1. Fill out all parts of the online entry form, obtained from the Add Entry tab.

    2. Write a note in a Word file stating your name, the title of your entry, and that you are mailing your work to your state contest director. In the Upload section of the ENTRY form, add that note in the first upload field.

    3. Go to the Pay Now tab on the Home page and make the payment.

    4. Print the 2015 NFPW Entry Form and mail two copies of it together with your work to your affiliate contest director who will send it on to a judge as in the past.